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Meet the Art Therapist


Dr. Katherine Munter, PhD

Hi! I’m Dr. Katherine Munter, and I’m truly honored to be facilitating the MedART class. I grew up in the small town of Hell, Michigan. After moving around and attending school, I returned to Ann Arbor. I’ve been happily living here for the last 10 years, raising my daughters and maintaining a thriving therapy practice.


For as long as I can recall, I have used art and writing to help process my thoughts and experiences. I found art to be such a powerful healing tool in my life that I chose to pursue a career in clinical psychology and art therapy. By utilizing what I have learned of art and therapy, I strive to assist others in exploring their creativity and processing emotion and experience. Art has a way of bypassing our barriers and revealing experiences in a new light. I am honored to be able to hold space for others as they explore and learn about themselves, discovering meaning and gaining insight.


Since I first began speaking with students involved in MedART, I’ve been inspired and uplifted by their insight, passion, and creativity. This pandemic has deepened my appreciation for community. As healthcare providers, it’s so easy to focus on the needs of others while neglecting our own self-care. Medical professionals by nature are secondary trauma survivors, and I was thrilled to learn that U of M Medical School is offering students an opportunity to process emotions and learn creative self-care skills to carry with them.

I was delighted with the results of a small pilot group held in May, and I got a burst of energy as I considered what the fall semester could offer. I love the idea of bringing the group together as a vital support network as well as leading art experientials that could be helpful in creative problem solving, reducing current stress, managing emotions, and boosting confidence while addressing common experiences such as imposter syndrome.


I see growth as a lifelong process and continually push myself to learn alongside others. I look forward to growing alongside MedART students as we explore together. I hope you’ll join us!

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